What types of paint do you use?

I only use FDA compliant face paints, glitters, gels and glues made especially for use on the skin. I do not use craft paint.  Just because something says non-toxic does not mean it is safe for the skin.  Anyone with very sensitive skin should have a “patch test” done at the beginning of an event. 

What area do you serve?

I typically work within a 50 mile radius of La Crosse, WI, however we will travel (almost) anywhere as long as the client is willing to provide compensation for transportation and lodging.

How do I remove my face paint?

Use a gentle cleanser, no tears baby shampoo, face wash, etc. Make a paste with the soap and the paint and lather the area painted. Let the soap and paint paste sit for 30 seconds. Rinse or wipe away gently with a dark wash cloth, but DO NOT SCRUB!   If you or your child has been painted around the eye area please use a make up remover or soap that is proven safe for use around the eyes.  If any trace color remains you can apply moisturizer or baby oil with a cotton ball and wait 15 minutes before repeating removal instructions above, or you can wait until the next day when you shower.

What is henna?

Henna is a paste made from a flowering plant.  The paste I use is all natural and made from lemon juice, sugar, (or maple syrup), henna powder and essential oils.  That’s it.  The paste is applied in patterns on the skin and left to dry.  Once dry the paste will flake off and leave a stain on the skin that will stay for 5-10 days, so it’s important to make sure you have a good henna artist!  

What is black henna?

Real henna is never black.  If you see a sign offering you a black henna tattoo, be afraid. Real henna is a beautiful orange stain that will darken into a brownish stain on your skin, real henna is never black.  Black henna has harsh chemicals added to it, (PPD , para-phenylenediamine, is the most common), that are harmful and can leave life long scarring and permanent health damage to those that get them.  Please be aware of what products you are putting on your skin at all times!  

Are you insured?

Yes, I am insured through Specialty Insurance.  A copy can be provided upon request and for an additional fee.

What are your rates for face painting?

I offer several different party packages, prices start at $75  (minimum) for a small party of up to 10 children and go up to $200. They can include anything from full face designs for everyone and/or glitter tattoos for every child as well. I also have corporate event packages as well. A travel charge may apply for traveling a certain distance outside of the La Crosse WI area, so the cost of each party might vary. I am willing to travel to help you with your body art needs but I need exact locations. Please contact me to discuss details

What about belly painting?

Belly painting starts at $75 an hour depending on the complexity of the design.  It makes a great baby shower present for the mom to be!

What are your rates for henna?

My rates for henna vary for your individual needs.  I would love to do your next henna party!  I offer private appointments and henna parties from everything to birthday parties to girls nights out.  I am also offering henna for bellies for expectant moms to be. Just give me a call or drop me an email.